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Enhance your image.
Advance your career.

Advance-now© is a consultancy group whose goal is to help aspiring professionals define and enhance their own image to a strong and conclusive Personal Brand.

In today’s competitive international business environment, it’s not just the raw professional competence that elevates you to the top. Communication skills, social skills and a unique aura about you and your personality make the difference. Radiating a coherent image and a particular individuality, a confident, open and creative outlook to the world will add essential dimensions to your career chances.

Decide who you want to be and be it.
Advance-now© guides you to identify the key ingredients to your Personal Brand. We will show you how to detect them, communicate and convincingly radiate them. It all starts with analysing and deciding on who you are and how you want to be perceived. Defining your personal Brand -DNA and developing your individual Brand Signals are important corner stones as well as our high impact communication seminars which will get you ready to become the shining star that’s hidden in you.