Your Own Brand Signals

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After completing your individual Advance-now
Personal Brand Briefing¬©, it’s time to put this blue print into action.

What kind of Brand – signals should be designed for you? How will the world recognize the You you want to be?

The behaviour you display, the words you use, the topics you talk about, the way you dress, the hairstyle you chose, the way you interact with others, the networks you join, the books you mention, the poeple you quote, the movies you see, the parties you throw the charity you support, the sport you play, the folks you bring together, the car you drive, the invitations you accept, the photos you put on facebook or in your CV, the jokes you tell, the companies you want to work with, the people you look up to, the things you want to be admired for – all these choices determine the image you create about yourself and the way the world will perceive you.

Advance-now© consults you on making the choices that will let you be the You you want to be. We help you realise your personal brand. This will not only enhance your image but also will advance your career long-term and far beyond your expectations.